Medumo and BMC Partner to Engage with Patients Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak

With the reality of COVID-19 upon us, effective patient communication has never been more essential for maintaining access to quality care and educating patients on how to stay safe and healthy. Medumo, a Philips Company has partnered with the Boston Medical Center (BMC) Ambulatory Operations Team to communicate with patients in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. BMC is using Medumo's precisely timed, automated text messages, emails and voice calls across four languages to deliver educational and instructional messages to over 400,000 BMC patients whose care plans have been impacted by the pandemic.

BMC has utilized Medumo’s Message Blast Product to alert patients of changes in care delivery. This self-service tool allows hospital administrators to craft and deliver a same-day message to patients to announce sudden changes, emergencies, or announcements that could impact their access to care. These alerts range from up-to-date education about avoiding the spread of COVID-19 to instructions on how to receive prescription refills through the mail.

BMC has also altered its existing pre-visit education and reminder program with Medumo to transition patients from in-person visits to telehealth consults. Together, Medumo and BMC have alerted patients across Ambulatory service lines that their upcoming visits have been shifted to telehealth. Medumo continues to provide patients with the relevant instructions to show up on time and prepared for those appointments, including a direct web-link to the patient’s telehealth visit.

Medumo has been extremely helpful accelerating our requests as we navigate this difficult time. BMC has been able to successfully and quickly communicate with our patients on essential COVID19 updates. Providing timely and updated information has been critical in our efforts to keep both our staff and patients safe during this pandemic. -Kathleen Masters, Sr. Manager of Ambulatory Analytics, Boston Medical Center

The care delivery model will continue to evolve over the coming months as hospitals adapt to new policies that will limit the spread of COVID-19. At each step along this transformation, health care providers will need the right tools to ensure patient education stays top of mind.

Medumo provides both out-of-the-box and customizable patient messaging solutions for your COVID-19 and Telemedicine initiatives. Medumo adapts with your organization as processes change to easily and automatically reach patients with timely education, instructions, and reminders.

If your team is looking to find a more effective way to communicate with your patients, please visit or email

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