5 Ways PULSE@MassChallenge Helped Champion Medumo's Success

Medumo was started because its co-founders, who are physicians themselves, noticed the deep problems in healthcare related to appointment cancellations, poor procedure preparation, patient engagement and the growing need for hospitals and clinics to increase operational efficiency. In the last year, Medumo has experienced tremendous growth as a company, including being accepted to PULSE@MassChallenge’s 2nd cohort.

As we wind down our second year at PULSE, we have experienced nothing but support and invaluable resources to work with. As our PULSE Community Manager Jenni Goodman put it:

"PULSE's mission is when startups win, patients win, and Medumo has truly exemplified that. We are thrilled the Medumo team is part of the PULSE cohort for the 2nd year and that they will be able to share their winnings and learnings with others. Since they joined PULSE, Medumo has been able to more than triple their employees (from 4 to 14 FTEs), achieve a 10x customer base increase, and work with world-class partners - we cannot wait to see what's in store for the rest of the year."

PULSE@MassChallenge’s mission is to accelerate the impact of digital health startups around the world, starting right here in Boston - Medumo’s home city. The digital health lab was created as part of Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative in partnership with MassChallenge, the City of Boston and state government and has since been supporting the success of many other startups we’ve had the honor of working with.

June 5th will be the annual PULSE Finale at the BIO International Convention. Top digital healthcare innovation influencers will come to celebrate entrepreneurship and support an amazing show, and the PULSE winners will be announced for $200k+ in cash awards (use ‘MEDUMO25’ for discounted tickets!).

5 crucial ways PULSE@MassChallenge has championed Medumo’s success:

  1. Matchmaking Masters. By deeply understanding not only the vision of our company, but also the requirements to achieve that vision, PULSE perfectly matched Medumo with Julia Jackson from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) who took our relationship with MGH to the next level. As Managing Director of the Health Transformation Lab, Julia was uniquely positioned to understand how Medumo’s capabilities relate to MGH’s strategic aims, and which cross-section of diverse stakeholders would be eager to prioritize high value projects. She helped build the architecture for an overarching partnership. This is the exact expertise Medumo wished to find. In the 2nd Cohort, we are SO excited to work with our new Champions at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cigna and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).

  2. PULSE’s Vast Network in Our Corner. PULSE builds community and creates organic, low-pressure environments to build relationships. All you have to do is show up to amazing events, eat delicious food, be ready to chat about what you’re building, and you’re going to connect with potential customers, investors, partners, and advisors. We met one of its earliest investors and advisors at a PULSE event who single-handedly changed the trajectory of our company. PULSE creates the container that allows people interested in supporting the next generation of digital health companies to find each other and build win-win relationships.

  3. Spread the word, far and wide! Not only is our success PULSEs’ priority, spreading the word of our success is too. The PR and media buzz PULSE gave us and continues to give us is something we could not accomplish alone.

  4. PULSERs are CHAMPIONS to the core. Hands down, every single person at PULSE is a champion for its startups. Anytime we have had an idea, big or small, it was received with enthusiasm, constructive feedback, and with support that exemplifies what PULSE is all about. In PULSE, you have incredible team of dedicated staff in your corner, ready to blast a job description, connect you with customers, or tweet about your latest accomplishments.

  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff… and the big stuff. When you are a small company, the small stuff is the big stuff. Administrative tasks that get in the way of building your business. Being a part of PULSE helped us focus on growing the business without being bogged down by administrative duties. We also had access to extra support that might have otherwise cost a lot more, such as an incredible office space, PR consultants, and mentors with deep industry knowledge.

Medumo’s success would not be possible without PULSE@MassChallenge and our team is looking forward to an exciting PULSE Finale event on June 5th. If you are there, please come say hi to our team!

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