Medumo’s First Intern Class Spotlight

We were lucky to have Medumo’s first class of interns this summer! For this post, we’ll be diving into Elania Cha’s experience as our product development and UX/UI intern this summer. Elania joined us as a second year MSDi (Masters in Digital Innovation) and MBA dual degree program student from Boston University where she focused on technology and business.

In her own words, Elania describes her Medumo internship experience:

“This was my first time working with a start-up, and my experience was nothing but stellar. Because the team was so small, not only was I able to offer a lending hand to other teams but also I saw my contribution to Medumo being quickly effective. I think anyone who is a career-switcher, or simply wants to learn more about a growing business, should definitely think about working for a startup!”

At Medumo, we believe in a collaborative and flat environment to foster true growth. This allows for product iterations to continually occur, problems to be identified and resolved quickly and input from all team members to be heard. Our belief is that if we treat our interns with trust and place our confidence in their work, they will deliver. This was absolutely true for Elania, who created a number of new program templates that will be used as blueprints when formulating new software services in new healthcare specialties for Medumo. Further, she created new trial versions of Medumo CareTours, focusing on trial versions in OB/GYN and radiology that are ready to deploy at hospitals and clinics.

Now that class is back in session, Elania plans to take courses that focus on product design and development and business analytics so that she can better apply her learnings with Medumo to her future projects and career. It was an honor to have Elania as a part of Medumo’s first intern class and we can’t wait to see what comes next in her successful career!

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