Medumo Joins Top Digital Health Startups in PULSE@MassChallenge's 2017 Startup Cohort

Yesterday MassChallenge announced the 31 startups chosen for its first Boston digital health lab, named Pulse@MassChallenge, and Medumo made the cut.

Known as the “most startup-friendly digital health lab”, this prestigious program drew over 430 applicants from over 30 states and 20 countries (view list of chosen companies here). Besides non-dilutive funding up to $250,000, mentorship, and free office space in an 8,000-square-foot-space at Hatch Fenway in the Landmark Center in Boston, the most distinguishing aspect of the program is that each startup gets matched with a champion organization, which includes hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, or government entity. The champion and the startup set mutually agreed upon goals to achieve during the course of the program, and PULSE helps to hold both parties accountable, which greatly accelerates progress.

“We have the best hospitals, infrastructure, mentors, investors, and now we have the best startups,”said Nick Dougherty, program director with PULSE@MassChallenge, in his presentation welcoming the finalists.

Medumo is honored to match with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), one of the top 3 hospitals in 2016 (US News Report). Through the 6 month program, MGH offers to provide support in executing a pilot study with the gastroenterology department and to help Medumo navigate its organization to identify additional use-cases for its digital instructional software platform.

“In a traditionally slow-moving industry where partnerships take years to strike, PULSE made it happen in less than a month. Now we have a team of executives at the top of the organization mentoring us,” said Adeel Yang, MD, Co-founder & President of Medumo, “needless to say, I encourage every digital health startup to apply next year.”

About Medumo

Medumo is a digital health company that helps healthcare organizations improve patient adherence through simple, accessible and timely instructions. The company’s mobile-first digital patient education programs provide healthcare organizations an easy way to inform, remind and check-in with patients throughout their healthcare journey. Medumo’s mission is to optimize patient engagement through actionable data and improve health outcomes in the most cost-efficient way possible. For more information, visit

About PULSE@MassChallenge

Pulse@MassChallenge is part of a broader initiative aimed at raising Massachusetts’s stature and impact in the digital health sector. The effort is backed by the state, the city of Boston, the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP), MassChallenge, and stakeholders in healthcare, academia, and industry. Other components of the initiative include a nearly $26 million venture fund that will invest in healthtech startups in Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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