Reach Every Patient

Every Day

We guide patients through their GI procedures using timely text messages and emails with links to videos, FAQs, and surveys
Invest less staff time.
Produce better results for your GI practice.
Reduction in Poor Prep

We increase patient adherence

Reduction in No Shows

We improve slot utilization

Patient Satisfaction

We drive patient engagement

Deliver a 21st Century Patient Experience

See an example of how we engage patients by viewing our Colonoscopy Prep Program

Text "MEDUMO" to (866) 899-3473

We'll design a custom program to suit your needs.

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"I'd love to use this program again! It far exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful. I expected just a couple of reminders, I didn't expect pictures and videos."

- Medumo Patient

"It was clear, authoritative, on time, and my wife loved receiving reminders along with me!

- Medumo Patient

"When I approached patients about Medumo, they were very enthusiastic. This is the way they communicate on a daily sometimes minute to minute basis."

- Barbara A. Doane RN,MSN,CGRN

"I did not bother using paper instructions. I actually lost them and don't know where they went."

- Medumo Patient

"You always have information right at hand to look back on."

- Medumo Patient

"This program is great and much needed. Many of our patients misplace or do not even open the paper instructions we send them."

- Lynette O'Neil, RN